Kyot RentalCar and Camping Gear Roujiya!

If you travel in Japan by rental car, why not come to Roujiya!

English speaking staff will be happy to help you plan your trip!

Free tools for a comfortable car trip!

Outdoor equipment rental is also available for a fee.

There is a 100 yen shop and a hardware store in the neighborhood, so general cooking utensils can be procured locally.

The charm of traveling from Kyoto

Why from Kyoto?

The road is very complicated and crowded when departing from a large city. Since the road in Kyoto is simple, you can escape to the suburbs with less stress!

Because it is an old capital city, access to the main road extending east, west, south and north is very convenient!

The rental location is a 5-minute walk from JR Nijo Station, so you can easily start a car trip from a very convenient place!

There are facilities such as roadside stations "Michi-no-Eki" provide free parking space, restrooms, and regional and tourist information for road travelers all over Japan, so you can travel safely and stay comfortably in a car.


It is also possible to have your luggage sent by Takkyubin in advance and store it.

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